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Our seat set made of spruce wood.

The difference to the pine known from DIY stores is that spruce is lighter and more even. There are also far fewer knotholes than with a pine table. Because we use coniferous wood, the table and benches are not too heavy, so that they are easy to transport. The thickness of the wooden board makes the whole thing really strong and solid and together with the way the wood is glued makes it super stable.

 So you can literally dance on the tables and benches.

This is the standard version.

You can also get the table with your group crest, laser cut steel or other metals. All we need from you is the appropriate file.

The table can be set up in three minutes with two people who have never done it before.

Without any screws, everything is connected with wedges.

Table top 2m x 80cm

Shipment by forwarding agent or collection, price on request.

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