About Us

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Our story begins on a cold night in January, in a small town in the middle of Germany. Snow fell from the sky on the tiled roofs and darkness surrounded the souls of the Larper, who were bored with everyday clothes on the earth.

Only in one window of the unnamed village light was still burning. The light of hope. A brotherhood was born. With nothing but a vision and a laser. This is the story of Elector Count Works.

Glad you are here!

We at Elector Count Works, with our modern automated production, know how to create products from LARPers for LARPers.

We cut our products with a laser and preferably on and from wood and leather, but other materials are also possible. The whole thing is available either according to our own designs for general LARP areas or of course according to your own ideas and design. Here it is even possible to laser cut image files and not only vector graphics.

In addition to the laser work, we also produce wood and metal articles for LARP's on our CNC machines. These can be easily customized to your group of furniture and other products due to lasered metal plaques, signs and logos, riveted and screwed on the furniture and other products.

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