Larp weapon engravings

High-quality off-the-shelf larp weapons are nice and good and custom-made products are great anyway but expensive and take a long time to make... is there not something in between? Of course there is!

We individualize your LARP-weapons with an engraving according to your wishes.

Whether knight's crest on the pommel or inscription on the blade, the possibilities are endless!

- High precision which allows for accuracies and details that cannot be achieved even with a custom-made product.

- Never lose your weapon again, because it is unique.

Because the laser table has a limited size, only engravings up to a total length of 45cm are possible. However, your larp gun dealer can also send us the handle and pommel before it is connected to the blade, so it is also possible to customize weapons over 45cm in length.

Please note that this variant is only possible with polyurethane (PU) guns, because "normal" latex cannot withstand the laser engraving. Whole or partial PU-arms are available at Wyvern-Crafts or Sander-Propworx.

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