"Mk.V REIK" - Decoration Pistol

Elector Count Works & Reikmetall

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The "Mk.V REIK" is not only a deco pistol, you are buying pure imperial culture. The elegant and ergonomic design of the handle flatters your hand thanks to the use of high-quality processed woods. The solid barrel can hold so much powder that it is proven to penetrate the following objects: pirate pistols (and pirates), cheese wheels, cheese wagons and wagon wheels or 12-24 skeletons. The steel lock was hand filed from armour plates by our apprentices.

  • handcrafted (every weapon is unique!)
  •  Handles made of high-quality solid woods
  •  authentic design
  •  Tension lock for detonators of different strengths (The weapon replica/deco weapon is a theatrical prop/role-playing object and as such not fireable)
  • Metal parts made of robust steel
  • Durable and easy to clean due to the robust construction and durable materials
  • At LARP's we also like to carry out smaller repairs and cleaning for you, if necessary only shipping and material costs will be charged
  • Custom-made holster is of course also possible on request

Available in the versions "round barrel" and "octagonal barrel".

Adapted leather holster for 60€ available on request.

Special designs available on request.

This decoration gun is developed and built in cooperation with our partners from Reikmetall.

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